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Sit Pretty Pet Portraits

Hand-drawn Digital Pet Portrait

Hand-drawn Digital Pet Portrait

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Hand-drawn digital pet portraits are a fun and creative way to show the world how much your beloved furry, feathered or scaly friend means to you. Plus you don’t have to pay for shipping as this is a digital product. You can use the image for a range of purposes (canvas prints, gift cards, coffee cups, tshirts etc) and you can make multiple items from one drawing. Plus you have the back up drawing on file should any of these items break or wear out and it would be my absolute pleasure to create a beautiful digitally drawn image of your beloved pet. 

The technique for digital drawing is pretty similar to the method I use to create my hand-drawn pet portraits, the differences being that I use a iPen (digital pen) and an iPad instead of acrylic paint pens or pencils and paper and I mix my colours on screen (I also have the luxury of the undo button if I make a stroke I am not happy with!). 

Please note, this is not a tangible product – you will not receive a print in the post. You will receive a high resolution RGB jpeg of your pet 300ppi @A4 which I will email to you on approval. This is usually sufficient for most types of print. Turnaround is usually 7–14 days, depending on how busy I am.

I understand making a purchase of this type requires a certain amount of trust. I want you to feel confident so I offer a money back guarantee should you feel the project isn't going the way you would like. Images are watermarked until I have your approval and once the final file is sent, due to the nature of digital file, I regret that I cannot offer a refund after this point. Please feel free to convo me so I can help you with any questions you may have.

Important: The only thing I ask is that you do not sell this image or any items created with it. This is a personal and not commercial product. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

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