Pet Portraits from Photos Custom Design Process

Pet Portraits from Photos

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The custom design process for sit pretty pet portraits

  1. You complete your order online.
  2. You receive an automated email, asking you for 3 things:
    • pet photos ( clear, well lit photos are best and please don't send screen shots when possible as the image size is compromised and I like to zoom in to get details).
    • name of pet?
      • Yes, No
      • Printed on portrait or on a name tag on collar
    • due date for portrait - e.g. is the portrait for a birthday?
  1. I will send you an email with a few sketches based on the photos for you to choose from. You choose which sketch you like the best and provide any feedback that you may have. Please be honest with your feedback as I will use your selected sketch to create the final portrait and it is really important to me that you love the end result. I can't make many changes once I have moved from the sketch to the final stage, so please let me know if you want something changed at the sketch phase.
  2. I complete the portrait and send you a photo, only minimal changes can be made at this stage.
  3. I post the completed portrait out to you and you enjoy it for years to come.
custom painted pet portrait from photo