"There is a quality and likeness to these portraits that just can't be captured in a photo. To say I love them is such an understatement."

Caitlin F

"It's so good I can't stop looking at it, my girlfriend is going to love it."

Matt R

Thankyou so much Rhetta, the portarits are beyond anything I imagined! They are absolutely perfect, I can’t Thank you enough, these are going to make the best Christmas gifts!

Adele M.

"Rhetta created the most gorgeous metallic portrait of our two dogs. Since asking Rhetta to paint for us, she has been nothing but friendly and helpful and updated us regularly on her progress and asked for our input to ensure it was perfect. She has captured the personality of both dogs and their bond flawlessly". 

Jessica H

"Rhetta, you are so talented. My Dad loved how you captured the two black labs looking so different even though they are the same breed. You really captured their personalities".

Alison B

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Easy to get started, select your size and & style of pet portrait, order and then respond to the confirmation email with your fav pet photos. A great way to surprise the pet lovers in your life.


My promise to you:

Our pets are family and our love for them knows no bounds, and I totally get that.

Art is in the eye of the beholder and at the end of the day, this portrait is for you and I want it to bring you and your family joy.

  I will communicate with you one-on-one throughout the deisgn process to ensure that you love the end result.

Design Process
painted pet portraits

Historic Hounds and Famous Felines

As a researcher and general information junkie by trade, I thought it would be fun to put together a weekly blog about history and fiction's most famous cats and dogs. Each blog post is accompanied by an original portrait created by yours truly.  I hope you enjoy reading these short posts and you might even learn something along the way or remember some of the fun facts at your next trivia night.


Gift cards

Commissioning a custom pet portrait is a thoughtful way to show that you understand how much your loved one's pet means to them. If you aren't sure which photo to choose, why not get them a gift card and let them work with me to create the perfect gift.

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